ClickTube gives proper protection:

  • against damages of rodents,
  • against wind,
  • against low temperature,
  • againszt herbicides.

With the help of ClickTube:

  • preventable the trunk cracking,
  • accelerated growth,
  • may prolong the growing season,
  • provides shade what is needed during the installation and strengthening period,
  • increase in grow rate,
  • creates supportive micro climate around the plant, supporting intensive growth.


  • in winyards, orchards, forests,
  • in an urban environment (public areas, parks),
  • for several plants.

Thanks to its material, it is resistant to:

  • microorganism,
  • weather conditions (sun, cold, UV radiation, etc.),
  • chemical materials: weak acids, alkalis, oils, fats and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Easy and quick installation:

  • Can be installed around the plant and remove quickly (minimum 10 times) without mechanical damage,
  • Installation in 3 steps only:
    1. Place Clicktube around the plant.
    2. Push the lower fixing tab from the outside in, until it clicks into the opening hole on the other side of the product.
    3. Do the same with the upper fixing tab.
  • Neither the wind nor animals can open it the installed ClickTube.
  • No need for strings or stakes unless the plant itself requires it.

General advantages of ClickTube:

  • flat sheet packaging during delivery, tubular operative shape,
  • UV protected,
  • long lifetime, minimum 5 years,
  • flexible material, high mechanical resistance,
  • provides space for the side shoots of the plant,
  • recyclable,
  • made of recycled material.